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The easiest Easter Basket to make with the Kids this Weekend!

Looking for an easy crafty activity to do with the kids this Easter weekend? How about bringing everyone together to make their own baskets for the egg hunt?

This is the easiest paper basket model you can make, and they look so cute!

I used the free Easter paper templates from Paper Crafts Magazine. I printed different designs on each side of the paper, so I could get a double pattern effect!

Here are the links for the FREE paper templates:

Here are the steps to build your paper Basket. Check out our Instagram for a quick video of how to set it up!

What you'll need:

- A square paper

- A strip of paper

- Scissors

- Glue

1) Fold your paper in three equal parts.

2) Now turn the paper and fold it in three parts again.

3) Your paper should look like this:

4) Now cut on the fold lines on each side, like the photo:

5) Now join the points of each side over the center of the middle square:

6) Spread glue on each of the points and glue them to the middle spot over the center square on each side:

7) Now spread glue on each point of the strip of paper and glue them on both sides of the basket:

And we're done! Your basket is ready to be filled with colorful eggs!

I also found this video teaching how to build a more decorated version of this Basket. There's just a couple more steps, but it's just as easy to make! Check out the video from Paper Luv channel on the link below:

So, are you making your own paper baskets this weekend?

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We wish a Happy Easter!

See you next week!

Moon Paper Toys Club!

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