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Online Sales Policy

Clube do Papel na Lua / Moon Paper Toys Club

CNPJ: 40.322.975/0001-50


The present Sales Policy (“Policy”) provides for the terms that regulate sales made by MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB. This instrument allows you, our customer, to know the conditions that govern the purchase of our products.

The policy will apply to online sales through our website.


We recommend that you are always up to date on the terms of our policy.  MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB or just “CLUB” reserves the right to modify the terms of this Policy at any time and inadvertently, so that only purchases already completed will not be subject to any changes in price and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the terms of this Policy or regarding our prices, please contact us through


Last updated on February, 26 of 2021.



  1. Through the website, MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB provides the customer with a catalog or an online store that accurately presents the products and services sold.

II.           In order to make purchases online via the website, it is necessary to make a prior registration available on our website.

III.          The products offered by us are exclusively digital, so there is no limitation of production or stock, and there may be changes only in relation to the conditions of purchase, such as prices and payment methods.


IV.           Exceptionally, we may sell our products at discounted prices or through discount coupons.

V.            It is important to note that promotional events are fully conditioned to pre-established rules and deadlines. In this sense, failure to comply with deadlines or failure to comply with the rules will NEVER be considered as a frustration of expectations to the consumer and will not generate any obligation of reimbursement, indemnity, or product offer at a lower price by the CLUB.

VI.           This Policy will apply to all purchases made, regardless of the qualification of the recipient of the product as a final or non-final consumer.

VII.           Purchases of PERSONALIZED and EXCLUSIVE products or items will be subject to special conditions dealt with in detail in this Policy.




I.           MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB does not guarantee color fidelity, considering that the printed material may vary in intensity and shade of color, in relation to the monitor or to materials printed on different dates, or on different types of materials. Such variation is conditioned to the way the items will be printed by the customer.


II.         Each product has a detailed and specific description on the platform, and this information should be read carefully by the buyer.




I.     Once the purchase of a kit is made and confirmed at MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB, the customer will automatically receive in his email a link to directly download his digital toy kit.


● The KIT consists of: Printable Paper Toys Templates (the exact number of different templates is variable according to each KIT’s theme, and will be described in details in each product description), printable complementary paper assets and activities (the exact number and nature of assets and activities is variable according to each KIT’s theme and will be described in detail in each product’s description), printable black and white paper toy templates and activities (the exact number and nature of black and white templates and activities vary according to each KIT’s theme and will be described in detail on each product’s description), illustrated tutorials to help in the assembling of the toys and activities (the exact number and nature of tutorials vary according to each KIT’s theme and number of different templates).



II.     Once a purchase at the MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB has been made and confirmed, the customer will automatically receive a link to download his kit in his e-mail.


● The purchase will give you access to all the items indicated in the description of the purchased product.


III.     Our products, toys, and activities are 100% digital. For this reason, we do not deliver or have any physical item for sale or prizes.




I.     The prices and payment terms presented on the website are exclusive to this sales channel and are valid only for the date they are published on the internet.


II.     For the processing of your purchase order to occur, it is necessary that the purchase procedure is completed and that we receive confirmation of payment.





I.     The delivery of MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB products is 100% digital and will be made directly to the email address informed by the customer at the time of purchase.


II.     It is the customer's responsibility to inform at the time of purchase the correct and updated email address, where he/she wishes to receive the files, being fully responsible in case of inaccuracies in the information transferred.


III.     If the email address you enter changes during the purchase process, it is the customer's sole responsibility to contact MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB as soon as possible, updating the information.




I.   Payment can be made through:

● Credit card


The CLUB is not responsible for any difficulties in making payments.


II.   The card numbers provided are registered directly in the database of the card administrators, who do not allow third parties to access this information.



III.   To ensure that your payment has gone as expected and that it is not a possible fraud, we await confirmation of payment by your financial institution and analyze your registration details. As this process can take a few minutes, your purchase will only be effectively finalized after this procedure is completed, at which point you will receive an e-mail communicating you about the confirmation or not of the purchase.

Exchange and Returns Policy

We at MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB are concerned with offering our customers quality products.


However, considering that we sell only 100% digital products, for immediate consumption (download), exchanges and returns will only occur in cases of defects (flaws), therefore, the exercise of these rights must observe the provisions of this Exchange and Returns Policy (the “Policies”).




The customer MUST contact us on the following e-mail informing the need to exchange and/or return the product.


        ● The detailed guidelines for the procedure will be informed in this contact, avoiding any inconvenience between the parties, in compliance with the terms set out in this Policy.

        ● The communication must strictly observe the deadlines provided for in this Policy.

        ● The effective date of this Policy is December 01, 2020.


The exchange or return of products and personalized and exclusive items, as well as the products downloaded immediately by the client, will be carried out only in the cases provided for in items “I and II” listed below this Policy.


I. Exchange and return of immediate access products. In the case of personalized / exclusive products or those of immediate access (download), in view of their personalized character and immediate access / consumption (download), the return or exchange will only be accepted in case of defect (flaw), informed by client and verified by MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB.


II. The right of regret cannot be exercised, considering that our kits are of immediate access (download), and do not include the possibility of return without causing an irreparable damage to MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB.


IV. Return in case of defects (flaws). The customer may claim the product defect within 30 (thirty) days, counting from the moment of receipt of the file or download link.


If the defect cannot be remedied, it may be requested to (i) exchange for another product of the same kind - in perfect conditions of use, (ii) refund of the amount paid, (iii) proportional reduction of the price or (iv) reverse the purchase amount in credits for future purchases.


  1. Counting deadlines. The counting of the aforementioned terms starts from the receipt of the kit or link at the e-mail address provided at the time of purchase.




a. Conditions. There may be an exchange or return of the purchased products, provided that the following conditions are met:


● The Customer Service Center must be contacted in advance, via the e-mail;


b. Evaluation and Reimbursement. All exchange requests will be subjected to an assessment in order to ascertain whether the return meets the requirements set out in the law and stipulated in this Policy.


● In the event of a return, once the requirements are met, the customer will be refunded within 15 (fifteen) business days.


c. Deadline for reply. MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB will respond within 2 (two) business days.


d. Undue return. If the return or exchange is not in accordance with this Policy, the value of the product will not be refunded or exchanged to the customer, who will receive a copy of the evaluation carried out and, in this case, no refund is due.


e. Refund Process. In case of product return, the amounts paid will be refunded according to the payment method used at the time of purchase.




a. Modification of the Exchange Policy. MOON PAPER TOYS CLUB reserves the right to modify this Policy from time to time, always in accordance with the applicable law. If modified, an announcement of the change will be posted on the website.


● We recommend that this and all other Site Policies be revisited before making any purchase.


b. Contact. The Client can contact the CLUB through the Customer Service Center on the e-mail

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