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Our Mission



We seek to:


This is our Motto and Mission.


"Creativity Builds the Future"

Instigate curiosity about the world

and the magic of exploration,

creation, and discovery

Protect the space in childhood for playing and creating. Both alone and as a family activity.

The future belongs to the children and we want to help them develop their creativity, adaptability and problem-solving abilities to make it as bright as possible!


 Paper and Pencil is a common occurrence in most households. They are also the most versatile tools for creative play. Paper is the perfect canvas for self expression. From drawing to making props for pretend play, paper is a powerful and accessible tool for self-expression, problem solving, and creation.

1. Democratization of Creative and Developmental Play Time

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3. Paper is Super Recyclable

Another benefit of paper toys? Super recyclable! Paper can be recycled up to 7 times. 

Once kids start using their creativity, it becomes an inexhaustible source, and they'll never see a problem or face a challenge the same way again!


4. Paper is not precious,

what your children learn from it is.

Children are full of energy and imagination, and one of the best parts of creative play time is to let them explore and expend these resources as they want. Our toys are created with experimentation and making mistakes in mind! The easy access to replacements (just print the templates again) can encourage kids to make mistakes and learn from their errors without judgement or consequences. So let them play, let them create, and let them destroy. It's all part of growing up.

2. Paper is 100% biodegradable

Printer paper, cardstock, and even cardboard are 100% biodegradable. Since they are made out of wood pulp, under the correct circumstances it will completely biodegrade in 1 to 3 months. 

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Why Paper

Here's a secret I learned over 10 years of studying and working to turn my creativity into my full-time job: Creativity is like a muscle, and the more you work it, the more you develop it.

Our Toys



Our Themed Kits include:

Templates for themed paper toys


      Extra paper Assets and Activities to encourage and complement creative and pretend play time


   B&W toy templates for kids to create their own toys


  Illustrated Tutorials for all paper toys and paper assets in the kit


   B&W assets for kids to create their own props and paper toys


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A different theme for every Kit, to give children access to a wide range of experiences and ways to explore the world.


  • Creativity is self-expression, exploration and discovery. Our toys and themes are designed to give children a space to discover a wide range of new experiences they can add to their own library of knowledge, from which they can draw inspiration for problem-solving, innovation and social interaction.


When investing in toys for your little ones, we know there's a lot to consider. These are a few reasons Paper Toys are a great addition to their daily adventures!

  • Creative play is also a great way to let a child know and interact with their environment in their own way. Their imagination leads and instigates decision-making processes in order to create the pretend-world of the play time. Children also develop self-confidence when they face challenges and solve problems on their own.


  • We offer both illustrated and video tutorials to give children independence and control over their creative process. They can follow the guidance they understand best, or are free to explore and discover on their own!

  • Our toys seek to encourage children to discover their own ways of thinking and interacting with the world. Encouraging them to explore their own imagination and curiosity towards self-discovery and self-mastery.


  • The repetition of the physical skills and manipulation of tools involved in building our paper toys can help in the development of your child's motor skills, control and coordination. While cutting, constructing and assembling the paper toys, children can develop the control of their hands, the use of force and pressure, balance and measurements.


  • Our toys are designed to encourage children to make plans and work towards a set goal. During a fun and stimulating activity or pretend-play they can train their minds to focus and concentrate on following through with their plans and "characters". Like creativity, focus is also an ability that can be developed and improved by practicing it.


  • During the construction of each Paper Toy and during the pretend play afterwards, your child will be able to develop a basic understanding of shapes, spatial relationships, measurements, sorting and balance and will have the opportunity to develop new ways of problem-solving! Activities such as painting, cutting and gluing paper can also help develop a child's visual perception and cognitive processing.


  • Our toys are designed to give children the space to make decisions and master their own bodies, experiences and environment. Our toys are created to encourage children to make their own choices and combinations as well as explore new ways to complete tasks and solve challenges. 


  • By encouraging independent and creative thinking, we want to teach children confidence and self-reliance.

  • Our toys and themes are created with experimentation and making mistakes in mind! The repetitive tasks involved in cutting and gluing the paper toys can keep children engaged in the task and the final goal, while the easy access to replacements (just print the templates again) can encourage them to make mistakes and learn from their errors without judgement or consequences.


  • Building paper toys can show your little one the value of the time and effort invested in creating something with their own hands. It's a fun and judgement free way of learning concepts like perseverance and learning from our mistakes.

  • Each Kit is designed not only with the construction of the paper toy in mind, but also with the imaginative pretend play opportunity it offers afterwards. Pretend play can be a great way for children to experiment and understand social roles as well as enhance social skills such as communication and sympathy.


A different theme on every kit, to give children access to a wide range of experiences and ways to explore the world!



Our toys are designed to give children the opportunity to experience a full range of creative expression: from planning, building and experimenting to expressing themselves through design, pretend and imaginative play.

Toys Designed for Creative Play

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OurToys_ProductPhotos (9).jpg
Why Paper Toys
Amanda Lima

CEO and Illustrator

Hi! I'm the founder and creative

head behind Moon Paper Toys Club.

I have a BFA in illustration and have worked as an artist since

2015. I have collaborated with huge brands in the toy industry such as Hasbro, Fisher Price and Play Doh!

Amanda Lima

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Sarah Lima

Educational Consultant

Sarah has worked with education for 5 years in a bilingual school and for the last 2 years she has worked with children with disabilities. Any toy you see here has passed through her strict testing hands!

Sarah Lima



Our Team
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