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Free templates to celebrate Automobile Day!

Did you know that May 13 is Automobile Day in Brazil? Random right? I thought so too! But the randomness of a holiday is no reason to not celebrate it! And celebrate it we shall: WITH FREE TEMPLATES!

You can now download our Alien Spaceship template to make it at home for free!

This model is part of our Trip to the Moon Collection, but we couldn't let such an important date pass by unnoticed, so we decided to make this template available so everyone can check out the spaceship all the cool Aliens are driving this days.

Oh, and there's more! We also included a PDF with a black and white version of the template, so kids can color in and decorate their own ships!

It's the perfect activity to make at home with the kids! The whole family can be creative and have fun together!

And there is even more! I'd also like to recommend this amazing website with the cutest food trucks in paper toy form for you to download and make you the little ones! They are all amazing and FREE, designed by the Dew Muffins studio! CLICK HERE to download your favorite model!

And now, here's our video teaching you how to make your Alien ship! We have tutorials for all the paper toys in our Trip to the Moon collection on our YouTube channel!

And now, the most important part: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATES!

I hope you enjoy this opportunity to try out our toys with your family! We'd love to know what everyone though about this new way to play and learn! And if you liked it, we have two collections available in our store, filled with paper toys to keep the little ones creative and learning!

Spread the creativity by sharing the Club with your friends who also want to build a more creative and eco friendly childhood for their little ones!

Do you want to add color and creativity to your Instagram feed? Then follow us over there to fill your screen with creative ideas and positivity!

I hope you and your family have a super creative and joyful Automobile Day!

Amanda Lima

Moon Paper Toys Club


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