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This is Halloween!

We're in mid-October already! And if you're up to date with the times, you know that it only means two things: It's high time you sort out your Squid Game inspired Halloween costume and cover your house in decorative pumpkins.

While I can't help you with the first part of your October mission, the club is here for you when it comes to your family oriented pumpkin decorating needs!

To start off with, we're launching a mini Halloween collection that will be guaranteed crafty Halloween fun! And the little one can use the toys to play with or decorate this Halloween season!

Below, you can watch the videos on how to assemble your spooky toys! We're always adding video tutorials to our YouTube channel to show you how to make our toys at home with your little one, so subscribe to keep yourself updated!

And keep checking back here or on our Instagram, because there's a lot more Halloween goodness coming your way! Be prepared for two weeks of nothing but treats here at the club!

Spread the creativity by sharing the Club with your friends who also want to build a more creative and eco friendly childhood for their little ones!

Do you want to add color and creativity to your Instagram feed? Then follow us over there to fill your screen with creative ideas and positivity!

I hope you and your family have a super creative and joyful Halloween!

Amanda Lima

Moon Paper Toys Club


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