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The 12 Missions of Christmas

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is...

Time to close off 2020 with a Magical Christmas and be done with it forever! But turns out that, like most of us, Santa also needs a little help this year. In order to keep everyone safe and healthy in the North Pole, Christmas Production had to slow down for the year and now he needs some extra special magical assistants. So how about making Christmas even more magical for your little one by giving them some letters FROM Santa? The Big Guy has some missions for your little one to help him prepare Christmas this year, and he needs you to help make sure they get their missions on time! It's SUPER EASY! Just print out the letter templates and assemble them, then read them together with your little one! Each day we have a different set of themed activities planned, and there will be lots of free templates on our blog every day to download and complement your Holiday Play Time!

For Grown Ups: The Roundup of our 12 Missions of Christmas

When it begins: December 12, 2020

How it works: Every day, until December 24, we will upload a new blog post full of themed activity suggestions, ideas and templates following that day’s Secret Mission from Santa (this will include suggestions of YouTube video tutorials, recipes, origami guides…)

These will all be creative activities involving paper crafts, pretend-play and some Christmas baking (Mr. Gingerbread needs help in the North Pole bakery too!).

Santa’s letters with each daily mission will be available for download on each blog post, but if you are signed up to our newsletter, you’ll receive the letters directly in your inbox every day!

Once you download and print that day’s letter from Santa, assemble it following the illustrated tutorial and hand it to your little one (you can make a game out of it and hide it in different places of your house each day so your little one must look for where “Santa’s elf” has left the letter each time!).

Each letter has a QR code that takes you back to our blog post, where you and your little one can download templates and see the suggested list of videos and DIYs that can help you complete the day’s Mission.

SPOILER ALERT! This section is for obsessive planners and list makers only!

Here is the list of all the secret missions we will send this December in case you need time to prepare or would like to pick and choose which ones you’ll like to do/have time for with your little one!

Mission 1: Decorate your HQ!

Crafts and DIY videos and paper templates to create Christmas decorations such as wreaths and garlands.

Mission 2: Mr. Gingerbread needs help in the North Pole Bakery! *

Some Christmas baking suggestions and recipes. Pick your favorite to help your little one prepare for the family!

Mission 3: Where are the trees I left here?

Crafts and DIY videos and templates to make paper Christmas Trees and Tree Ornaments.

Mission 4: Santa needs more stars to guide his way!

Crafts and DIY videos and templates to make different types of paper stars!

Mission 5: What about next year plans?

Guides to make paper cranes and write our wishes for next year.

Mission 6: Christmas Movie Festival.

It’s time to judge the new Christmas movies that came out recently. Christmas Movie Score cards will be provided!

Mission 7: Who are these gifts for?

Time to work on some Christmas cards and gift tags. We’ll suggest crafts and DIY videos as well as provide some templates to help you create yours.

Mission 8: Santa lost all his reindeers!

We’ll provide templates for you to prepare a super fun reindeer hunt for your little one! Just hide the reindeers around your house and set your little one on their mission to collect them all!

Mission 9: Time to celebrate Penguin Day!

As everyone knows, December 20 is Penguin Day in the North pole, and Santa always celebrates it by hosting the Great Yearly Penguin Run. We’ll give you the templates to create a fun little event in your house and have a great creative play time!

Mission 10: Santa’s Makeover

We suggest a family activity where everyone dresses up like a new modern version of Santa and do a catwalk experience. But we’ll also provide templates for some paper toy fun if that’s a better option for your house!

Mission 11: The Christmas Crackers boat is lost at sea!

Templates as well as DIY video suggestions to make your own Christmas crackers at home with the little ones!

Mission 12: Cookies for Santa! *

As it was always going to be, we’ll suggest some of our favorite cookie recipes for you to try at home with your little one.

*We make sure all suggested recipes are straight forward enough that kids can prepare them with minimal supervision so they can start gaining autonomy in the kitchen, but we still recommend adult supervision and collaboration during the process!

We hope you’re as excited as we are!!

We’ll be completing the missions as well (Santa can use all the help he can get) and you can follow our process along on our Instagram!

See you tomorrow!

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