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The 12 Missions of Christmas | Mission 5: A mission for the future


We have a mission for you from the future. HoHoHo.

We actually have a mission for you ABOUT the future!

We’re pretty late on our wish list for 2021. Have you had the time to think about yours?

Both in the North Pole and here in our Moon Headquarters, we write our wishes for the new year in a piece of paper and them we fold them into a paper cranes to decorate our houses.

What do you think of trying this yourself?

Just think about your wishes for the next year, write them down on a square piece of paper, and then fold them into paper cranes (or any other cute origami shape you feel like!)

Here at the club, we are wishing for three main things:

1) Being able to meet in person with friends

2) Lots of opportunities to be creative

3) A spot on the first colony on the moon

What about you? What are your 3 wishes for 2021?

You can use our decorative papers to make your paper cranes! Just print them on a sheet of printer paper and cut them into a square shape.

If you haven’t downloaded our Christmas decorative paper designs yet, you can do so HERE.

We have selected a video with a pretty straight forward tutorial on how to fold the paper cranes, but we also suggest a tutorial to fold a super cute paper bird, as well as a couple of YouTube playlists for Christmas themed Origamis, in case your little one is as obsessed with them as we are!

Here are our video suggestions:

1) This is a tutorial on how to make an Origami Paper Crane from the channel Senhorita X:

2) And here is a video tutorial from the channel Hello Origami on how to fold a Paper Bird. This is a great option to make with the little ones!

3) This is the link to a playlist with all of Hello Origami’s Christmas Themed origamis. We here at the club are completely obsessed!

4) And this is the link for a playlist by OrigamiAko, with a lot of really cute Christmas themed origamis as well!

We hope you have fun making these paper decorations and that all your wishes for the new year come true!

Good Luck, Agent!

Remember to share your family’s creations on Instagram using the hashtag #12missionsofchristmas so we can see how everyone’s Christmas preparation is going!

Flying to the future,

Santa & The Moon Paper Toys Club

(this gif was made by the amazing artist James Curran and taken from the GIPHY library)


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