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The 12 Missions of Christmas | Mission 1: Time to Decorate your HQ!

Hi! I’m glad you decided to embark on this journey to save Christmas 2020!

Your first mission is to decorate your HQ. No Christmas agent can work in an undecorated room!

Santa sent you these sets of magical flags. Pick your favorite one (or all of them!) to print out, cut and glue together on a string before hanging them in your room.

Here are the flags! Just click on the link below the images to Download your favorite one!

Download • 3.37MB

Download • 5.08MB

Here is a quick video showing you how to make your Santa's Garland:

And here's how to assemble the Paper Dry Orange Garlan d:

Here’s some other fun activities for you to try! Any of these decorations can make a room instantly more Christmas-y!

Idea 1)

This one might be my favorite Paper Garland decoration of them all! The channel Hello Origami might as well be a Christmas Genius! Check out these cute little Origami Christmas Stockings! And the little origami cat! Don’t forget to make yours as colorful and creative as you can!

Idea 2)

Have you ever made paper garlands? These two videos from the channels Helpful Arts & Crafts and English Heritage show you how to make Christmas-y paper Garlands! You can use these to decorate your house and Christmas Tree!

English Heritage teaching how to make Paper Angels Christmas Garlands:

Helpful Arts & Crafts teaching you how to make 5 different models of Christmas Paper Garlands:

Don’t forget to share your decorations with us on social media! Use the hashtag #12missionsofchristmas so we can see wat you’re making!

Good Luck, Agent!

Decorate to Dominate,


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