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Bored? Create! How to make a little animal constellations book

In this first episode of this brand new series "Bored? Create!" I wanted to show you how to make this cute mini book filled with join-the-dots animal constellations!

First, you can download the template in the link below:

Download • 1.16MB

Now, it's super easy to assemble this mini book! All you'll need is a pair of scissors and glue.

In the video below, I show you how to assemble the book very quickly, but keep reading for more detailed instructions!

How to assemble the mini book:

1) Cut the three three pieces following the line around each one.

2) Fold on each one of the dashed lines. For now, you can fold all the lines to the same side. We will adjust their direction once we glue the book together!

3) Now it's time to glue the three pieces together! Start by spreading glue on the tab to the side of the Canis Major constellation. Glue this tab to the back of the Ursa Major constellation page. Now spread glue on the tab besides the Lepus constellation and glue it to the back of the Leo constellation page!

4) Now that all the pages are glue together, fold each page to alternating sides, creating a concertina effect, until you close the book.

5) Lastly, open your cover to the right and glue this two blank sides together!

That's it! Super simple right?

Now join the dots and find out which animals are represented in each constellation!

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I hope you and your family have a super creative and joyful week!

Amanda Lima

Moon Paper Toys Club


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