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3 bunnies and 1 chicken origami to decorate your egg hunt with the kids!

A super simple activity you can do decorate your house and develop the creativity and motor skills of the little ones is Origami!

I picked these 5 Origamis that are perfect for Easter! There are 3 little baskets to use on your egg hunt (2 bunnies and a chicken!), a little bunny head that you blow like a balloon (this one is really fun to make with the kids!), and a little cute basket that you can make with a single piece of paper (this is an extra one I couldn't leave off the list!).

Here in the club, our egg hunt starts with a little Easter bunny creative workshop, and we create a lot of decorations to give that extra something to our treasure hunt! So gather the kids and invite them to create their own baskets and decorations too!

1) The first Origami is this "balloon" bunny Origami. I picked this video from the TUK crafts channel, with super simple instructions!(

2) And this little Easter bunny basket? Make the baskets with the kids and then fill then with little eggs before hiding them! Create the hunt for the fugitive bunnies! I watched a lot of videos with tutorials for this origami, trying to find the one with the best explanations, and I found that this was the one! Although the video is narrated in Japanese (which I don't understand yet!), it shows very clearly each new step and how to make each fold so, if the Japanese narration is distracting for you, I suggest watching the video on mute! This video is from the channel ばぁばの折り紙チャンネル which has a lot of beautiful Origami ideas! I suggest looking through her channel for ideas after finishing this post! (

3) The second Easter bunny basket comes from the Hello Origami channel. I think this is the easiest Origami on our list and the final bunny is super cute! If you're in the market for some Origami activities, I recommend checking out her channel after finishing the Origamis in this post! Her channel has an Easter playlist that is filled with Easter cuteness! (

4) Now here is our Easter chicken basket. This video also comes from the Hello Origami channel! Remember to fill these baskets with little surprises and hide them around the house to make the egg hunt even more fun! (

5) To finish off our list, I picked this extra little basket. I know it's not a bunny or a chicken, but it's so cute and easy to make that I couldn't leave it out of the list! Again, this video is from the ばぁばの折り紙チャンネル channel, and it is narrated in Japanese, BUT, in case you can't understand Japanese, have no fear, the visual steps in the video are really clear and easy to follow!(

Does your family likes to make Origami? In my experience, everyone in my family (safe for my sister) had an Origami phase at some point! If you enjoyed these ideas, like the videos to show the creators your appreciation and spread the creativity by sharing this post with your friends who also want to have a more creative Easter with their little ones!

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I hope you have a great Easter and Weekend!

See you next week!

Moon Paper Toys Club


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