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Have a Creative Easter making these little egg hunt boxes with the little ones!

What do you think about adding a little cuteness and creativity to this year's Easter?

To help you create the cutest egg hunt of all time, I wanted to share these two models of little boxes you can fill with surprises and hide around the house for the little ones to find!

The best part? The kids can join in the fun building their own boxes! How about starting Easter off with a creative bunny workshop?

You can download the templates for the boxes through the links below and keep scrolling down for the instructions on how to assemble each model!

Rectangle Box:

Download PD • 5.46MB

Round Boxes:

Download PDF • 7.12MB

Here's the tutorial for the rectangular boxes, keep scrolling down for all the steps!

1) Begin by cutting the box and the wings or ears (depending on the model you're assembling)

2) Now cut on the lines on the front and sides of the box and fold on the dashed lines (if you're assembling the bunny box, cut the lines on the top and the front of the template!)

3) Glue the side of the box first

4) Now glue the bottom

5) The last step is to spread glue on the wings' or ears' tabs and fit them to the openings we cut in step 2.

6) Here we go! Its ready to be filled with surprises!

Now, here are the steps to assemble the round boxes:

1) Start by cutting the boxes. Cut the openings on both sides as well!

2) Fold on the dashed lines

3) Now turn the bow around

4) To close the box, join the ears on top and fit them through both openings on the sides of the box!

5) And it's ready for the surprises and sweets!

Did you like the little boxes? If you enjoyed the boxes and this tutorials, spread the creativity by sharing this post with your friends who also want to have a more creative Easter with their little ones!

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I hope you have a great Easter and Weekend!

See you next week!

Moon Paper Toys Club


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